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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bourjois's foundation brush...

Mulain braved the crowds on a busy Saturday afternoon to head to Mumbai's shopping mecca Phoenix Mills. Always good to check out what's new on the beauty scene...only for you my darlings......It was so busy my god and jammed with so many products Mulain could n't believe his eyes. Bumper to bumper.....and got cornered by the perfume army who sprayed me to high heaven and left me for dead...they don't take no for an answer!!!!
Anyway...found myself in Lifestyles cosmetics and trawled the counters of Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Chambor, Lakme, Bourjois to see if there was anything that would make our life that little bit better....Have to say was a little bit disappointed with the sales staff.....far too aggressive....the Chambor girl was great and showed me all her pencils....love the eye-pencils with smudgers and the new waterproof ones....superb, good colour range and affordable at around 400 Rs. Revlon did n't really have anything new, the matt shades we had seen before. Lakme did n't rock my world, nor did L'Oreal offer anything new......Maybelline offered me the 'yellow' mascara that I had seen last month, great buy but I wanted something new!
Bourjois showed me new foundations which looked great but was so disappointed as for Indian skins they were simply too ashen....Bourjois's 10 hour Sleep Effect Foundation is anti-fatigue, aims to make your skin look like it's had 10 hours of good sleep.... seemed nice but has only 5 shades! ....There was a great all in one foundation with brush.....easy to use, with a pump action (like a pen)...but the shades were not for Indian skins unless you want to look like a dead body...ummmm what to do?...Mulain is going to write to these companies and tell them.
I don't think people want to look like a mime-artist...or do they?
What do you think my friends?
Mulain x

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