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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revlon Matte Collection!

Beautiful matte textures.......old movie-star glam!

Matte lips, eye pencils, cheeks, shadows...loov-erly

Mulain's favourite today..... Venetian Blue!

Mulain went on a hunt today to see what's new out on the Indian scene, so ventured into Linking Road's Bandra Shopper's Stop. After recovering from the atack of the perfume army at the door!!.... I felt calm enough to approach the beauty counters. Mulain is very fussy now when looking for products, I only want one person helping me and demo-ing NOT five frenzied sales-demons. It can be quite insane. I went from YSL, to Elizabeth Arden, to Lancome, to Shiseido, to Maybelline, Revlon, Lakme and Chambor....it's quite exhausting you know.
I 'ave to say the star of the day for me was Revlon and their lovely sales assistant. She expertly and nicely showed me new products, not too pushy either. I was given a little booklet and she explained to me what was new and the colour ranges. Tres bien Revlon. Must say it's nice to see another texture from the shimmers and glosses and cremes that are out there....Revlon have returned to good old dependable Matte make-up. Matte lipsticks, Matte Powder Blush, Matte Eye Shadow, Luxurious Colour Matte Kohl Eyeliner....below are the colour ranges....
Lipsticks - 12 shades with great names!
Wine Not, Really Red, Fabulous Fig, Mauve It Over, Pink Pout, Cocoa Craving, Rose Dew, Twinkled Mauve, Chocolate Kiss, Misty Rust, Sparkling Spice, Eclair Bite....
They glide on effortlessly giving a rich, beautiful matte colour without drag, cakiness or resistence!
Mulain's fave: Really Red....it's vibrant, very 2010 and totally stunning.
Blush Powder - 2 neutral shades
Perfectly Peach and Blushing Berry
Brushes onto cheeks smoothly and effortlessly for a soft matte look and a smooth, even finish.
Mulain's fave: Both! :)
Eyeliner - 3 shades
Black truffle, Midnight Blue, Very Violet
Glides on smoothly with intense matte colour and has a versatile formula and ultra-soft smudger which allows multiple eye looks from precise to smokey. Also sensitive enough for lens wearers...good non?
Mulain's fave: Midnight Blue....let's change from black non?
Eye Shadow - 4 shades
Peach Sorbet, Venetian Blue, Tempting Teal, Aubergine
Suede-like powder eye shadow glides over lids providing high impact colour and a soft matte finish. All shades enable you to create a multiude of beauty looks.
So voila - totally user friendly and easy on the purse! Really......too good.
Mulain's fave: Venetian Blue...probably because the charming sales assistant was wearing it and it looked great on Indian Skin.
Will chat about the super-duper black YSL gloss I got and their Scarlet Red lipstick tomorrow...it's quite a combo....will leave you to absorb the matte look for today....don't want to overload you with too much information my darlings...especially as we are all still recovering from New Year non?
Or is that just me....ummm
A new Mattified Mulain x

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