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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rehydrate your skin!

Having lovely, comfortable skin is a mu-st for all of us....professionals or non-professionals.....it's just an everyday essential I feel. We feel so good if our skin is having a good day! So as always, Mulain is here to tell you about a top product which will make your life easier and all the more wonderful. I discoverd Body Moisture Spray by Sanctuary quite by accident a few years ago....picked up the bottle (good packaging), read the back, liked the sound of it and thought it quite affordable. I have never looked back personally or professionally, and have used it on many a shoot! It has a fragrant, feather light oil which instantly nourishes and conditions thirsty skin, all with a few spritzs. Moisturising Sweet Almond Oil, smoothing Jojoba and antioxidant Vitamin E are quickly absorbed to leave skin hydrated, soft and glowing with a healthy sheen, just fabulous in these drying Winter months...plus the smell is just divine and intoxicating to the senses....

Here is the science / tech bit........Jojoba A is a light, natural emollient. It is said to mimic the action of sebum, which is the skins own lubricant. It helps to moisturise the skin and therefore promotes a radiant complexion. Sweet Almond Oil has a fine texture, is easily absorbed and helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is a fat soluble Vitamin that maintains cell membranes. It traps and neutralises free radicals created by the environment and offers good protection for the skin.

For home use it's easy to use....and super fast for people on-the-go...like us my friends! Especially lovely after a hot shower when skin needs that instant hydration. It just glides on...just spray lightly onto clean skin and smooth in gently for a speedy moisture boost.

On shoots it's great for make-up artists who want a light sheen on the body and not a heavily oiled look. Plus you can carry it in your set-bag on standby should you ever need it, the top makes it leak proof...always a must with any oils...otherwise it's a big mess.

It is not too pricey either 500 Rs.....but...you can't get it in India....yet! Check out the Sanctuary website...http://www.thesanctuary.co.uk/our-story.htm.....and see what other yummy stuff they have too.....it's a Spa paradise, really.. find someone who travels and give them a shopping list!

Right off to the office.....lots to do....re-shoots for our soon to be released movie of 2010....plus new looks to design....another exciting day in MU town!

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  1. Mulain have you tried their body butter too...superb....a real find