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Sunday, January 10, 2010

B.C. Beauty!

Mulain was tickled today to hear that 'Neathanderthals' may have worn make-up!..Oh la la....I thought Wilma Flintstone was at the forefront of the cosmetic industry for that time.....mais non, it appears British experts have discovered shells that may have been used as containers for colours, approximately 75,000 B.C.....So move over Cleopatra and her black cat eye and enter the foreward thinking Neanderthals.....These scientists found lumps of a yellow pigment, that they say was possibly used as a foundation (Max Factor eat your heart out)...they also found red powder mixed up with flecks of a reflective brilliant black mineral. The shells were coated with residues of mixed pigments so definitely used for mixing and even some of the sculpted, brightly coloured shells may also have been worn by Neanderthals as jewellery (how versatile)....

Until now it had been thought by many researchers that only modern humans wore make-up for decoration and ritual purposes but now we could have got it all wrong.....check out the shells ...tres cool.....and a modern construction of how a female Neanderthal would have looked....not exactly a honey in our today's beauty world...but possibly a Paris Hilton of her day....who would easily have won an arm-wrestle with Arnie....hands down.

A 'Lay-dee' back then....a sort of Lord of the Rings look meets Hilary Duff? Sort of....
Ok - off for my relaxing Sunday siesta.....'ope you are relaxing too my friends...
Mulain x

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