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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A mu-st get for budding make-up artistes......

Mulain is getting uber excited as the girls are gearing up to the 2010 fat mu academy starting....will keep you posted asap.....To get all you budding artistes inspired, Mulain says it will be one of your best investments to get Richard Corson's 'Fashions in Make-up'...taking you from Ancient times to now.....can't tell you just how helpful this book will be for you. Mulain also suggests you get the equivalent for hair too.....they will inspire you from the day you get them and not only are they interesting they will help your make-up designs get better and better.....that's around 2,000 years of looks and creative ideas.....can you imagine? They're not cheap, but easy to get thanks to http://www.amazon.com/.

If you are truly strapped for cash....stick to your referencing on-line, buy your magazines....Italian Vogue should get your creative juices flowing.....start your own little reference library...you'll be amazed how it will help your work!

Off to meet Virginia MU now, going through hair equipment and hair pieces in the offices....what a glam life non? But has to be done my friends....

Mulain x

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