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Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's all in Vogue Vogue Vogue....

Spanish Vogue January 2010

British Vogue January 2010

German Vogue January 2010

Australian Vogue January 2010

Korean Vogue January 2010

Indian Vogue January 2010

American Vogue January 2010

Russian Vogue January 2010
So it's January my friends...Mulain and the team have been having a break over the holiday season and are now gearing themselves up for an exciting 2010. Above are some international Vogue covers from around the planet to keep you in the loop and inspired with global beauty....so it's a Sunday in Bombay and Virginia MU was attending to a Bandra bride today.....a 'Rihanna' bride, it was all about the glow today and sexy eyes. ....great fun.
Mulain is being good and having an early night, a glass of milk and off to get some Zzzzzsss.....nearly the first Monday of a new decade my darlings...let's make it special.
Mulain x

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