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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glam up!

New from Bobbi Brown are these fabulous new glittery cream eye shadows... easy to apply these are great for an instant glam up without the fuss.... AND it avoids getting glitter all over you...! BIG plus that!

From shimmery nudes to dark navy, chrome and gold tones... these little pots come in 8 different shades ... so wear it nude just for a hint of sparkle or go darker to create a lovely smokey effect... whatever floats your boat....!

The product glides on beautifully so its probably easiest and best to apply with your fingers and blend so you have control over how light/ dark/ smudgy/ smokey you want to go or layer on with a brush for a full on dramatic eye effect. A winner both ways... something you want to look into... I know I have....goldstone and starry night being my favourites.

Team it up with gloss or even better red lipstick.... depending on your mood ... but have fun with it and start experimenting with your looks people you might be surprised at what looks good! Make up after all is about looking good, feeling good and having fun!!



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