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Monday, January 25, 2010

Culture Vulture

Mulain has just returned from the Pink City, yes that's Jaipur my friends, and the Literary Festival. What a weekend...my god....completely gets you inspired, mentally refreshed and tuned in to the world around us.....great location, fantastic speakers, lovely crowd....Wunderbar. Saw Roddy Doyle, Niall Ferguson, Louis De Bernieres, Tina Brown, Stephen Freyers and many more......Mulain ran into a friend who was surprized that I was there...meaning....'you! a make-up artist...at a literary do'?.....'ow narrow-minded eh? I 'ave a brain like everyone else, I write a blog everyday, I read whenever I can.....how silly....think people really think we are all fluffy and talk only about 'colours' and 'lipsticks' and 'gloss'.....shame on them all....and that goes for us too my darlings....we must really not judge people....we are always proved wrong....
Mulain and the team are back to the city with a bump and getting ready for more shoots and weddings.....who said the wedding season is over? Not at all....it's always wedding season my darlings....
Ok....tomorrow will be checking out what's in the stores make-up wise and see if I can spot any goodies for us all..
Mulain x

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