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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The wonders of olive oil!

Mulain overheard a certain tennis celebrity with Virginia MU yesterday telling her that he uses good old olive oil in his hair, on his body to prevent drying out his body. Have to say his skin was superb ......think a combination of oil and genetics to play...but we all know how good olive oil is for you, plus it's yummy to eat...good inside out. Availibility is global so noone needs to be left out....it's a win win situation...ahhhh except it's not super, super cheap...umm....but to-tally worth it Mulain feels. MU Virginia is off to freezing London town so off to help her pack and give her my make-up shopping list....so many new things to buy too!

New Year is coming and Mulain is being retrospective about the year...it's been super busy for sure....will be looking back over the next few days on products of 2009, and the fat mu team of course.

Off to get some Zzzzzzs as we have all been shooting round the clock!

Caio for now,

Mulain x

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