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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Too poor for make-up?

Ok...Mulain was to-tally distressed to hear someone writing in to the fat mu team and feeling that they were 'too poor' for make-up. Now obviously we all have to eat and 'ave a roof over our heads and you have to decide your own budget etc but even in hard times, times of war, depression...people have put on le maquillage! Mulain has taken a luxury brand image for next year - YSL (who have set the trend for pretty pastels)......see the lovely work...lesson one, don't get depressed, instead of thinking YSL....it's very expensive non?....look to your highstreet / mall brands to purchase and add to your kit.....below are a few eye shadow sets which are offering pastel shadows....so copy the above image using their little trio / quad set......all available in India and across our global village...cheap 'n chic!

Bourjois pastel set

Chambor pastel set

Revlon - neutral set option for those scared of pastels!!!

Lakme pastel set with purple....

So don't be shy or get depressed because your funds are low....save your Rupees and be clever about what you buy. All these above sets have a base colour, a highlighter and a shader, all you need to set off your eyes and go with the latest fashions.
So have fun and play with your Pastels for 2010.....we certainly will...
Hope this 'elps....Mulain x


  1. quick question how long does a good(lancome) mascara last?

    i've had mine for 8 mths haven't used it much, is it ready for the rubbish heap?

  2. Hi Gypsy Willow Dusk...different people say different things.....a mascara has a limited shelf life....3 months and that could be it! Also depends on your environment....if kept in a level, normal room temperature it'll last longer...if in and out of heat and cold it'll react to the air and get clumpy and dry faster. You have to learn and judge yourself...if you 've had it for 8 months and not used it much it should be ok. As long as it's still slick for application? then you should be ok. If it's giving you lumpy, chuncky lashes (and it's not a look you're going for) then yes ready for mascara heaven :)...hope I 'ave been 'elpful...Mulain s