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Sunday, December 27, 2009

A new face for the New Year?

Just look at La Madonna.....ageless it seems...

Mulain is definitely feeling a little party-ed out after the merriment of the last few days....and we still 'ave New Year to do too. Oh la la...looking for a pick-me-up or quick recovery medicine...something please! Well it seems Madonna 'as a new face to pick her up (makes me feel worse).....does this lady get stressed? party? get depressed? Know the land of photoshop takes away the little blips one does n't want to see but what about all of us seeing these images.....Jemma Kidd says to look fresh and 'take a decade off' your face, do the following 5 things 1) Switch to a lighter base 2) Groom your eyebrows 3) Change your palette 4) Brighten your eyes 5) Even out your skin tone....sounds straight forward non? For those who don't want to be cut, pumped, filled etc this looks the better, safer, cheaper option...thank you Ms. Kidd.....For those of you however who DO want to go the Lady Madonna way get ready to be plumped!! The new face out there is not pulled taut...think bad 80s face-lifts...now it is lovely, plumped, filled skins that are staring out at us....Demi Moore, SJP, these faces are everywhere non, staring back from magazine covers, the tv screen.....we 'ave no chance to escape this bombardment of beauty icons....

But as Mulain always says...smile, don't get self-obsessed, look outward, be kind to people and puppies, drink some bubbly, drink some water, listen to a little dis-co, wear some lip-gloss and be yourself....or the best you can be....'ave a feeling you'll be happier.....and to cheer yourself up, go to www.awfulplasticsurgery.com ...it'll make you feel a whole lot better.

Mulain will go for a walk, listen to some music, eat some yummy food and 'ave an early night...sleep I feel is the answer...then I shall plan New Year.....and looking fabulous.

Mulain x

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