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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Simply Aveda

So this one's not a new product on ze market... but Mulain just happened to use it recently again and was reminded of how good it is.......!......and so i thought i would share it with you..
I am talking about Aveda's plant based colour maintenance shampoos and conditioners.
They come in 4 different shades ... Black Malva to enrich dark hair and cut out any brassy tones....Chamomile to brighten blonde highlights..... Clove to enhance and enrich you brunettes out there and last but not least Madder Root for all you redheads... something for everyone... and trust me mes amis they are wonderful for your hair.... not only does your hair look and smell wonderful after use but its all natural plant based goodness helps keep those locks and their colour looking luscious... all in one easy step.... so if you're running out of shampoo or even just conditioner (sometimes even that's enough for that leetle bit of oomph....according to our MU Natasha...) and are thinking of trying something new.. you might want to give this a go...everyones hair needs a leetle help every now and then non...?

'ope you had a bon weekend.....Mx

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