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Friday, November 6, 2009


Is that really you Mr. Bachchan?

Mulain can't believe it....

Natasha's prosthetics...wunderbar non?

Our MU Natasha has always loved prosthetics. It is one of the reasons she trained in make-up. So being part of the LA-based creative team who came over especially to design the Paa/Amitabh look was great fun and quenched her thirst for working in special effects. Natasha worked alongside Christian Tinsley (The Passion of the Christ) and Dominie Till (The Lord of the Rings) and helped to put the 4 hours a day make-up and prosthetics on the Big B....a long, arduous process so all involved had to be technically savvy, totally professional and incredibly patient.
Natasha, we are all excited at seeing the finished results on screen ...roll on opening night ....and well done Mr. Bachchan for sitting patiently. What a professional.
Mulain x

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