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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mister Mascara

Mister Mascara's 'Make up a go go' bag

Mister Mascara's mad lashes!

Mister Mascara fabulous tools for all artists.....

Essential tools....tweezers, double sized sharpener, compact mirror with light!

Mulain loves the brand Mister Mascara.....He scours the world working with his friends and beauty wizards to find you the finest quality beauty tools and the latest products (and he says it's always at the right price). This brand has a unique appeal due to its quirky, eccentric style, "making the mundane everyday essential more fun"....Mulain likes that......and similar to fat mu......he has Mini Mai to help him out......she is Mister Mascara's beauty muse. Check her out on the Mister Mascara website, she is in the top corner of the page. She travels with him to advise on all that is girlie! I am sure Mulain and Mini Mai would get on like a house on fire....we are both beauty muses non?

Mister Mascara's make up bag essentials are adored by beauty addicts around the globe...you can get them at any Boots store ......www.boots.com or from the website itself....www.mistermascara.com
Make sure you have the right tools to do the make-up you want my friends...I am seriously eyeing up the 'make up a go go' travel bag...how cute!

Mulain x

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