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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The perfect concealor....

.... does such a thing exist? Non ... but I have found a few that come very close...
For years I never wore concealor... but now signs of age are slowly creeping in and I am left with no choice...! C'est la vie eh...?.... and so accepting that fact I set out looking for a concealor to suit my skin and tone. What I often found were ones that were too light that ended up looking gray and chalky like white rings around the eyes (a common mistake a lot of women make).. or ones that were too drying which then made it look like like I had more lines than I actually did (what was the point of that...?!) and so I stuck to my good ol' derma palette and mixed my own colours for a long time till I got fed up and the hunt for the right concealor started again!
.. and this time I was successful..... I have found 3 really good tried and tested concealors - ranging from light to heavy, normal to moisturising and light to dark tones - so basically to suit one and all...

MAC Studio Finish- great for light to heavy coverage of dark circles, blemishes and spots. Suits all skin types.

MAC Select Moisture Cover- great for light to medium coverage... creamy moisturising formula that is great under the eyes for that fresh - I've just had 10 hours sleep' look- and especially good for very dry skins - my current favourite! and what's even better...... they're readily available in Mumbai! Just visit your local MAC shop in Juhu or South Mumbai.

BECCA - this one comes with two consistency's - one light /one heavier-all depending on the amount of coverage needed. Highly pigmented you can layer it on without looking caked up. Great for anything that needs covering up and suits all skin types and tones.

All of the above look tres natural- provided you find the right shade and remember to check in daylight not those ghastly bright lights they seem to have in all the stores these days.... and I would suggest a yellow toned concealor for most to achieve a natural, closest to your skin tone look.

In the meantime if you've found one that works for you ... please let Mulain know.... merci.... hope this 'elps.... Mx

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