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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Obama's Diwali!

Mrs. Bachchan having a Diwali moment.....
"Happy Diwali" my darlings, best wishes to all and happiness across the globe - wonderful celebration of light and good conquering bad. What Joie-de-vivre! Obama has sent his Diwali message too (please see below).....so tonight wherever you are celebrating...let there be LOVE and LIGHT!
What better way to celebrate Diwali by lighting up one's own face. Make yourself part of the celebrations...make sure you are shining, glowing, beaming.....Mulain thinks there is one product above all others today which won't let you down...one of my ultimate beauty mu-st haves...that's right...Benefit's Highbeam.....

You just cannot go wrong with this little bottle of glowing wonderfulness....dab some on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of your nose, collar-bones....watch yourself light-up while others can only admire in awe! Mulain will be swimming in a bath of it tonight...but then I am never one for half measures my friends.

Also recommended is Benefit's Bathina body sheen.....with the lovely, comfy puff inside, spread this delightful cream all over your body...arms, legs....whatever flesh is on display and together with the highbeam you may be likened to a Disco-ball.....you will WOW!

So my dears...Mulain is off to get ready for his 'Ethnic' themed Diwali party ce soir....planning my outfit and my designer Bindi.....celebrations are fully-on!
A shining Mulain x

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  1. very cool that obama left a diwali message! thank you for sharing..... happy diwali to you too mulain