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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glamour by Lakme Winter 2009

My darlings.....you know I am only here to help and to encourage you to look and feel fab, whatever the occasion. Mulain and the team are always on the look out for you and to recommend new products, brands, looks etc etc...so I 'ope that your trust is there with me.......Oui, bien sur!
Now we know Lakme is the most established cosmetics brand in India, from Kashmir to Chennai, Mumbai to Madurai, Lucknow to Leh, Pune to Pondicherry. Over the last few years with the help of Hindustan Lever and some lovely models (Yana Gupta, Indrani Dasgupta to name a couple) it has really moved with the times and now offers Indian women a good selection of up-to-date products at an affordable price (great for these hard times!). We at fat mu have always been fans of the Lakme liquid liner (easy to apply, long-lasting, cost effective) and nail polishes too come to think of it. But recently Mulain has been exploring the brand and likes the way it is encouraging women to play around with different looks. At http://www.lakmeindia.com/glamour_lookbook.asp you can go on-line and see a range of different styles and choose which one you like. The look-book section even breaks down a look for you.....from eyes, to face, to cheeks to nails.....guiding you for an ensemble look, also telling you top trends for hair and clothes, making you aware of your whole look. It's very approachable and fun. Do check it out and gear yourself up for the Winter Wedding and Divali Season.
Fat mu are not fans of the Lakme bases though (a little too fair and pink for us)......do watch that my friends....but for eye-liners, lip glosses/sticks, nails they offer fun and fresh colours and textures. So Mulain says go have fun, experiment, get inspired.
News from the MUs.....always busy, Natasha is in Hong Kong giving a seminar on Slumdog and Bollywood make-ups......Virginia is just back from Hyderabad shooting with the Deccan Chargers......Xavier is recovering after shooting back to back for the Taj Calendar and the new Raymonds campaign....phew....a leetle rest then back to work!
Caio for now....Mulain x

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