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Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep calm and carry on!

Mulain has been watching the news over the last few days about the memories of World War II. The Second World War started 70 years ago yesterday 3rd September 1939 and finished 6 years later in 1945. I don't think any of us can imagine those dark days and the horrors that come with wars. I know my friends that conflicts and isolated violence/wars happen everyday all over the world.....but this war involved all of us in our little global village non? 2194 days of war! Families torn apart, countries torn apart, the world torn apart. It really must never 'appen again......we must all remain neutral, kind, compassionate as human beings. Not easy I know.

The above poster was used during the London Blitz....'Keep calm and carry on'....so British non? But London was not the only city affected......London, Paris, Athens, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Tokyo, Casablanca (loo-ve the movie), Moscow, Stalingrad, Warsaw, Rome, Stockholm, Brussels, Singapore, Rangoon......all these cities and hundreds more turned on their heads. We must all remember and take note of the suffering and huge sacrifice that people made......Russia alone lost 39 million during this time!!!

Mulain must add though, as disastrous and catastrophic as the war was, it allowed women on a mass scale to prove their worth in the workplace - in the UK for example, the men were away fighting so ladies had to fill the gap! This broke through gender barriers in a huge way and laid a path for post-war women to study, work, seek a career.....giving them a huge boost of self-esteem and confidence. Bravo!

And who can forget the lovely Betty Grable as the favourite war-time pin-up girl. All the troops loo-ved her....those legs, the hair, that smile. Mulain's grandfather in the navy used to bring Max Factor make-up back from New York, I think trying to re-invent my grandmother as the UK's version of La Grable.....lipstick and powder! Amazing, even in hard times people still want to look good and have fun. You can't keep the human spirit down I tell you.

So Mulain says thank you for those that sacrificed their lives so we can all live in liberty and peace. For those interested Mulain suggests the following flicks to see the 1940s style and feel the mood......'Downfall' ***** (5 stars - excellente), 'Inglourious Basterds' **** (4 stars - mad!), 'Casablanca' ***** (5 stars - classic cinema), 'The Sound of Music' ***** (5 stars - fantastique), 'South Pacific' ***** (5 stars - wonderful), 'Schindler's List' ***** (5 stars - heartbreaking), 'Sophie's Choice' ***** (5 stars - traumatic).....I could go on...but think that these movies will give you a roller-coaster of a weekend.

Keep calm, carry on .....Mulain x


  1. Just a lovely post MU... seen all the movies except S. Pacific - will make sure I see that...

  2. You mu-st...what a tear-jerker and full of loo-verly songs.....'Some Enchanted Evening' being my favourite....such a romantic film....I challenge the most cynical person to not need a tissue box....or trunk.