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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to age well.....

.....we should really ask Madame Leslie Caron...Mama Mulain is off to London town tonight to see a special screening of 'An American in Paris' and the star of film Leslie Caron will be there in person doing a Q & A, so exciting. La Caron is most remembered for her role as Gigi. She is the most amazing dancer and has remained one of the world's most beautiful women. She also starred in Chocolat with Johnny Depp. Lucky lady, always had lovely leading men. She is elegant and stylish even into her 70s...Mulain thinks it 'elps being French. We should all learn a lesson from her....her make-up is light, simple, well-balanced and compliments her age. She uses lovely lip colours and glosses to enhance her mouth, some rouge in her cheeks (of course) and as always smiling lights up ones face and takes years off.....so please do my darlings.

Mulain sadly missed the London Fashion Week due to a terrible super-bug...Oh la la....just terrible.....not to worry catching up with the latest trends from the ramp and will keep you posted.....did hear the description of a 20s blue-smokey eye look from the Charlotte Tilbury camp....sounds interesting non? Off to investigate.

An 'on the mend' Mulain x

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