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Friday, September 11, 2009

The day that changed the world....

Mulain was speaking to his grandfather (who is 90) a few days ago and he was complaining that the world is in a total mess....this is a man who has fought in the Second World War, lived through countless wars since, plus terror attacks and assasinations and massacres. He still sticks to his opinion that 'the world is in an awful state'. Today is the anniversairy of 9/11 when the Twin Towers came rumbling, crashing down and stunned the world - live on TV! Terrible my darlings, just terrible! My grandfather is absolutely convinced that if he steps out the door that he will be murdered as everyone now (in 2009) is evil and has no moral code of conduct.......Mulain is to-tally blaming the media for creating that fear. We all know (or should know) that most people in life are good and nice....and it's always that small pocket which causes the problems....you go to any village in India and people will treat you like a king or queen. I truly believe that the world is like this. MU's Natasha and Virginia have travelled the globe from Alaska to Aberdeen, from Dollywood to Delhi, from Ladakh to Las Vegas, from Brazil to Burnham......and in the main, both agree that people are nice, different, interesting, kind, compassionate, quirky and that the world is WONDERFUL.

Why is Mulain rambling today? Well my dears.....Mulain cannot be 'Mulain', the MU's could not do their work and create make-up magic in a world with no tolerance, acceptance and LOVE.......so am encouraging all today, especially today....to be cool! Be thankful for where you are in the world (excluding a Taliban hideout)...and we must ALL keep working towards a positive, bright future for our leetle planet.

Make the world a beautiful place....starting with yourself of course and your make-up!
Mulain x

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