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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Zeenat Aman

One of Mulain's favourites....Madame Zeenat Aman!

Mulain thinks so much focus is given to Hollywood heroines of the past and present....but Bollywood gets easily forgotten and we all know Indian women are absolutely beautiful and win beauty competitions the world over. So today we are looking at one of the most beautiful faces ever to grace the screen......West or East.....what an 'It' girl of her time.....Oozing sex appeal and beauty and charisma...Zeenat Aman. What a woman!

Influenced by the current trend in 70s / 80s colours and glosses here is how to create your own Zeenat Aman face.....and best of all......it does n't have to be expensive my darlings......I have chosen brands that are accessible to you and easy on the purse. This Recession is not over yet it seems, contrary to popular belief.

This is look is about colour and texture no hard lines....soft, shimmery and sexy.

Bourjois's little powder blushers are great to use and come in many colours - try pink, coral or orange for the cheeks - these also have a light shimmer to them adding instant glamour in a loo-ver-ly subtle way. Don't be afraid to be bold with your it's all part of the look.

Bourjois also do super-duper little trio eyeshadows in differents shades....personally for this look I would go for the pale blue for that total retro feel.....go on...don't be shy! Max Factor Kohl pencils are great to define this look - remember no hard lines....softly draw under your lower lashes and on your upper lashes, blending carefully at the outer corners...NO HARD LINES! Comes in black but I recommend charcoal grey or navy blue to look like Ms. Aman. For extra definition, you can use a black liquid liner on the top lashes - stay close to the lash line and keep the line slim and trim NO thick unflattering lines should be seen....Mulain says practice, practice, practice.

Max Factor do a great liquid liner as do Maybelline.....keep your eyes peeled!

Complete your eyes with lovely, feminine lashes - as always Maybelline come to the rescue with their uber-fab pink and green mascara....easy to apply, lasts the day and opens up with eyes, thus completing your look.

Lips for this look should be about colour and gloss - again Mulain recommends Orange or Coral shades for this - Bourjois do 70s Disco glam colours accompanied by a light gloss.....this is a look where your have emphasis on the eyes, cheeks and lips - a creative harmony needs to be achieved - make sure it's all soft and applied with a light touch!

Bon Chance my friends and hope your Saturday night is as fabulous as Ms Zeenat Aman herself.

Mwah from Mulain x

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  1. Love Ms. Z! Thanks for zee reiminder, Mu.