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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hollywood smiles

Mulain was with a friend last night who he had not seen for a long, long time....something was different about 'im and I suddenly realised his teeth were WHITE! not just white my friend, but WHITE - almost blue! So I enquired about this and he confirmed that he had been to see a professional and had got them 'cleaned up and whitened'. Hollywood smiles my dears....love them or hate them, there are lots out there. I 'av to say, honestly speaking that I am not a big fan. Mama Mulain told him when he was leetle that healthy teeth were bone colour, that meant they were healthy and strong. I think a bit of cleaning and polishing is ok, but bleaching teeth to make them seem healthy? Is that not actually weakening the teeth? I think it is a slippery slope my friends. Indians have fabulous teeth, it's in the blood. Europeans, namely the Brits have 'character' teeth. Americans have whiter than white. It's a choice thing I suppose....if you are curious...check out your dentist / hygenist or your whitening product before you try. Be safe.

If you are on a tight budget my darlings, you can always break off a bit of bark from a Eucalyptus tree and rub it along your pearlies....swear it makes them sparkling...you just need a bit of elbow grease.

Mulain x

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