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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Street style

Allo mes amis...! Hope you have all had a good weekend and are ready to face the new week ahead of you.
I know the monsoon is here and all one wishes to do is stay curled up cozy in bed... but that is not to be... so instead why not excite ourselves about starting the week with a leetle va va voom in our lives and not let the wet weather dampen our spirits too!

As you all know our MU Natasha has just recently returned from London and and she cannot stop rambling about all the street fashion in London at the moment and cursing herself for not having her camera on her to share what see saw with us all...

From the sounds of it she was quite blown away by the various retro hair and make up looks that many people are currently sporting and adapting in their day to day lives.... from 80's punk to 60's beehives and bouffants, 50's hair do's a la the T- birds, burlesque make up comme Ditta von Tesse ... the list goes on and on....and so I have listed below a few of our favourite sites for you to have a look at for street fashion from around the world....

www.stylescout.blogspot.com/- for London street style

www.garancedore.fr/en/- Paris and world street style

thesartorialist.blogspot.com/- world street style

Check these out and hopefully it will encourage you to develop your own style and let your inner child come through. We have all played dress up as little children so why must that stop now... dig out your mother's heels, vintage jewels, frocks and maybe even a boa, slap on some red lipstick, a leetle back combing and hairspray perhaps and sculpt your hair into a fabulous monsoon frizz resistant do...
...and then send us your photos...mail@fatmu.com.... we would love to see how creative and stylish you can be..
...and for all you heterosexual men out there...don't feel left out! Men's fashion is in a big way now with constant re-inventions.. so lets see you beat the ladies at their game...

In the meantime we the fat mu team will have our cameras strapped to us and be on the lookout for Mumbai street fashion for you and the world to see.... so stay tuned...

Mulain x

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