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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monsoon Madness

Is that a road you may ask? River? Road? River? Road?....Our poor cars and feet!!

Mulain is very frustrated with the system today.... the skies have opened up and how... so much rain....! Which is a good thing... Lord knows we need the water... but....can someone please explain to me why Mumbai can never seem to deal with the monsoon? It's not like it comes as a surprise non? It's been visiting year after year at the same time for as long as we can remember and yet... it is always the same story....flooding and roads turning into rivers...traffic jams, cars drowning, people having to wade knee-deep in water... sometimes falling into open manholes... why? Will someone please tell me why this city is STILL not equipped to deal with it?

We are working people and need to get jobs done - the MUs are packing for a shoot and risking our lives and car (poor Jezibel Swift!).....Sounds like we are moaning my darlings, but a leetle rant is to-tally necessary....we pay taxes non? Ok.....Enough - will pretend we are in an old MGM, techicolour picture with Gene Kelly and we'll all pretend we are loving the rain and tap-dancing away......Mulain has put his rose-tinted specs back on......

A very wet and cross Mulain x

Thank you Monsieur Kelly.......

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