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Friday, July 10, 2009

Miracle in a mask

The soybean does it again!
Based on a staple health food of fermented soybean which contains Gamma PGA (Poly Glutamic Acid) comes this mask, made with innovative Japanese technology (the Japanese have done it again too!) to hydrate and brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles..
Japan based UMO Inc- creators of the 24 karat gold facial have come up with these gel masks which are simply AMAZING! Just place on and remove once done... fuss and mess free!

Tried and tested by our mu Natasha... who cannot stop raving and expressing shock over the amazing results of this product (her skin actually felt extremely hydrated and looked instantly fresher, brighter and smoother.. those tiny fine lines around the eyes seemed to have vanished and she felt years had been taken off her! Especially with the eye masks!! )
... finally there is something on the market that actually does what it claims to do... and .. you can see instant results!! You only have to leave the masks on for 30- 40 minutes or if you feel you need more hydration you can even leave them on overnight!

Natasha put the eye masks on first thing in the morning, bleary eyed at 6 am on her way to location .. and arrived looking and feeling fresh and sparkly!

What are the side effects you may ask?.. As did I ... as nothing that can give you results like that come without side efffects... what is the saying... 'sounds too good to be true'?...that's what I thought.. and so for you and me, Mulain decided to do a leetle research on this and here's what I found....

Gamma PGA when applied topically claims to instantly hydrate and carry moisture and nutrients into the deepest layers of the skin... and get this... it is ten times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid (a common ingredient in skin care product and Hyaluron injections are used to smooth wrinkles and fine lines temporarily with effects lasting up to 6 months)... and far more elastic than collagen!
If this is true we can hopefully kiss botox and collagen injections goodbye non.... not only would it be cheaper and much easier to apply.... but also would not leave us looking permanently surprised...( like some actresses we have seen...)... just very temporarily perhaps and that too for the sheer amazement at the genius of this product!

... and it is 100% natural, biodegradable, non toxic and safe for all skin types...( you could eat it even!) what more could a girl want eh?

To read more about it visit:

The masks come in Full face mask(3 per box) $28, eye masks( especially brilliant- 7 per box) $45 and Lip masks(8 per box) $ 81.
Available at fine spas around the world. We here at fat mu got them from our lovely friend and colleague Dominie Till - Thank you Dominie for introducing us to this fine product - we are now hooked! Especially to the eye masks - great for de- puffing as well!

So for all you people out there who think they're starting to get on and could use a little help every now and then (never hurt anyone...) try and get your hands on some of these masks and let Mulain know what you think!! xx

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