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Friday, July 24, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Mulain had to pop over to London town in the last week and got to meet one of his favourite film people...Monsieur Quentin Tarantino.......Yes, he signed my Inglourious Basterds soundtrack and I wished him well for the opening of his new picture.....what a nice man he is and so talented.....he writes and directs all his films.....j'aime le talent! And the mu-sic in his mu-vies is always too cool - Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Ficton, Kill Bill I and II.....great stuff. Sadly Mulain could not attend the London premiere as we was spending time with Maman Mulain.....family first my friends...

Can't wait to see to it though, out in August and get ready!

Mulain did enjoy London - checking out the fashions, hanging with the 'rude boys', 'emos' and the 'rockers'...sick man sick......that is the lingo my friends...do try keeping up...

Mulain x

P.s. - Mulain is too 'appy as his favourite mu-se is in Mu-mbai......Madame Nomita Morrison is visiting us and all the fat mu team are too excited - what a talent she is.....bravo!

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