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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brush up...

.... on your brushes....!.... they are the tools of the trade my dears and so today I am going to tell you about a few of them that will help make your life a lot easier in zee world of maquillage and also give your look the finesse of a true professionnelle!

So no more excuses on badly applied make up... as you've probably 'eard the saying ...' a bad carpenter always blames his tools...' ... and we dont want to be one of those now do we...? So look closely at the ones I have selected below and pick the ones that suit you...

Foundation brush: For smooth and flawless application. Can be used with liquid and cream foundations.

Duo-fibre brush: This one's multi purpose. These brushes are great for an overall light buffing of the face after foundation for that glowing polished look... for a soft light dusting of powder or pigment... Perfect for bronzing.... and.. the smaller versions of these can be used to apply cream blushers for a lovely soft finish.

Concealor brush : Yes.. you can apply concealor with your fingertips.. but its good to have this brush to get into all the little nooks and cranny's ... plus its great for spotting concealor onto blemishes and spots.

Powder brush: A must have unless you prefer to press down with a puff. Powder is needed to set the make up so it stays on looking fresh and lovely all day long and of course to get rid of any excess oil and shine. No point having a beautifully made up face only to end up looking like and oil slick non ....

Blush brush:If you love powder blushers this is one for you.... slightly angled to sweep your blusher perfectly on to your cheekbones. Can be used to apply blusher just on the apples of your cheeks too and for contouring (sculpting) those cheekbones...( and jaw line if necessary...)

Eye smudger brush : Whether its smoky eyes you're after, adding a little definition into the contours of your eyes or simply just to blend your eyeliner... this is the brush for you.

Eyeshadow brush: Shadows can be applied easily with fingers too , but wether its a wash of colour or something more intense an eyeshadow brush can give you just the right amount of control and colour needed to achieve your look.

Eyeliner / Eyebrow brush: Dual use... great for eyelining wet or dry and for filling in the brows.

Lip brush: Dont you just hate it when your favourite lipstick is over only to realise that the beauty company has discontinued it...well don't throw away the 'empty' lipstick as there's still plenty left inside and this is one other time the lip brush comes in handy....(other than the obvious first reason which is for precise application).... scoop out the leftovers and put it in a pot and use the lip brush to continue applying as always till you find another perfect match to your old one... you'll be surprised at what a long way it'll go!
Insider tip - I personally also love using lip brushes for applying cake or gel eyeliner .. gives a great sweep and a lot of control- no wobbly lines....!... try it...!

Note: Most brushes are available at all cosmetic counters, for a wider selection try MAC (slightly expensive but worth it), Bharat and Doris and Vega ( cheaper and not bad...)
Mini brush sets are also available from MAC, Vega, Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier to name a few.

Hope this helps...!


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