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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You want smokin' eyes......

...and don't 'ave time to call Mulain and the fat mu team? Well seems our wonderful Benefit 'ave done it again, with another mu-st-have for your beauty bag Benefit's Smokin Eye Kit! My friends, most of us want sexy, smoky, kittenish 'Bardot eyes' avec wonderfully groomed brows - so Benefit 'as come up with an all-in-one kit which provides everything to make your eyes smoke! With 3 shadows, a black eyeliner pencil, a brightener, 2 brushes, mini tweezers and a complete lesson packed in 'ow can you go wrong!

For Mulain it's just another day looking gorgeous and glossy with admittedly a slight glow to my cheeks....(it's the 'eat!)........but darlings I am too excited for ALL of you as now you too can look as good as me - so go smoke it up, look like a kitten and act like a movie-star!

Meow....Mulain x

P.s - available in the UK and USA and any other distributer who you can find selling our lovely Benefit goodies.

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