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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ultimate Multi-tasker

Mulain knows we are all still being Recessionistas so is passing on tips on products and techniques to help you all in these trying times..... Madame Arden would be delighted to know her 8-hour Cream creation is a mu-st have in any make-up artiste's bag and is a great product to invest in. It's great for sunburn, glossy lips, repairing dry lips and dry skin anywhere on the body. Use it to keep unruly brows in shapes, to create a sheen on the cheekbones. A fabulous gloss on the eye-lids.....it is also great for 'posh sweat' when filming....run out of sweat jelly? Try 8 hour Cream instead! Works a treat, stays in place and is kind to the skin. It's an all-round winner, mu-ch like myself........Any other uses you have.....let Mulain and the fat mu team know.

Off to set I go...Mulain x

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