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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pink is the navy blue of India!

Mulain once had a t-shirt which said Pink is the Navy Blue of India!......I just loved it and it's a great way of saying colour rules in this subcontinent. We are so spoilt here with the most wonderful spectrum of pinks, oranges, yellows, blues, greens....just marvellous....colour everywhere you look! Sarees, flowers, fruits, elephants, foods, trees, cottons, silks - it's colour galore and I adore! Embrace it my darlings, let it lift your spirits and use it in your make-up palettes, on your eyes, on your cheeks, on your lips - it's there to inspire you. Non?
So no Monday blues in Bombay - it's totally pink!...and green!...and orange!....and yellow!.....and red!.....and purple!....
Mulain x


  1. Zat quote is from Diana Vreeland - ze greatest fashion stateswoman of all time - she also said "I loathe narcisimn but I approve of vanity" - what is Mulain's view?

  2. Let's discuss it tomorrow! Cha-lo x