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Friday, June 12, 2009

Narcissism now....

Diana Vreeland - RIP...
After reading our 'Pink is the navy blue of India' entry one of our avid followers noted it was said by the wonderful Diana Vreeland. They asked me what I made of one of her other clever sayings.... 'I loathe narcissism but I approve of vanity'......Well I would agree with the lovely lady (R.I.P).....as where would we all be without a bit of vanity in our lives - would n't the world be ugly, dull, benale, boring, tee-dious, no colour? A world without lippy, mascara and rouge? Terrible! Can you imagine? I am like my grandmother - never go out without my eye-brows on and a pair of heels.....and like anything my darlings, moderation is key.......vanity in moderation is ok by me. It is nice to have pride in one's appearance, making the best of ourselves. Narcissim however is to-tally not cool and is a pyschological disorder......she was right about the loathing part and I ask you, what would Madame Vreeland make of our world today? Vanity gone mad....it's a me, me, me society - think we are all bordering on narcissistic behaviour....facebook, twittering, constant status changes. Par example.....some people 'ave how many photos of themselves on-line? It is not naturale.....we are going from vain to insane.....so Mulain says take pride people and enjoy yourselves but leave the disorders in the clinic. Non?
Mulain x

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