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Friday, May 29, 2009

Toxic Beauty!

Lip watch....
Mulain is aware he keeps you up-to-speed on what's hot and what's not....but it is also my gentleman-ly, ethical duty to keep you in the loop with the safety aspects of la macquillage. Oui...again the 'too much lead in lipstick' levels are being discussed and thrown in the air. Most big beauty houses do follow the guidelines of what is allowed and noone is out there to knowingly poison you my darlings...but it is tres importante to be aware of what you are putting on your skin at all times....everything gets absorbed into you - weird and strange notion I know. So when you buy....ask your sales person questions...they should know about ingredients of their make-up, it is your right as a consumer. Mineral make-up is trying to be as natural as possible so that is a good route for you to explore if you are concerned with toxic make-up. Don't panic though....make-up has never been 'safer' I feel.....just do a bit of homework and try before you buy.
Be sexy and safe....Mulain x

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