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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On-line tips and tricks

Confused by make-up? Too many colours and textures and trends....don't panic people - with the assistance of the fat mu gang, moi and people like Lauren Luke on-line - you will be able to design your own make-up and personal kit like a true champ. With Mademoiselle Luke there is the continuing theme of the year - the under-dog rising against all odds and succeeding. Hurrah! Mulain thinks this 27 year old, single maman from England is to-tally inspiring.......Lauren Luke is the most popular site on YouTube UK and it's all about make-up, looking good and making the best of yourself - log onto www.bylaurenluke.com/ to check her out - Lauren seems like a lovely, normal mademoiselle 'oo does make-up tutorials on-line and tells you how to do different fashion and beauty looks. Now she has her own line of make-up too and is set to take-over the States. Well done Ms. Luke, we shall keep watching you at fat mu HQ - just shows that anything is possible if you try my friends.

fat mu HQ will also be doing some fun things on YouTube - fun tips and tricks will be coming your way soon.

Mulain x

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