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Monday, April 27, 2009

To age or not to age?

'Aving recently worked with a top celeb who swore by 'Frownies' http://www.frownies.com/ to make her character lines disappear over-night - Mulain is questioning the instant face-lifts pots, potions and pills that are out there. Must say I am a leetle concerned with all theeze instant, quick-fix promises....what are we to believe mon amis and do we really need them?

One of the fastest 'quick-fix' options I 'ave come across on the market is http://www.60secondfacelift.com/ which us MUs find truly incroyable.....Pleeze see the 'before and after' photos.....how is theeze done? and what ingredients are they using 'ere? Mon dieu! 'Ave also explored world renowned skin and anti-ageing specialist Dr.Perricone's site and 'e claims that you may have a facelift in your fridge! http://www.perriconemd.com/category/perricone+lifestyle/3-day+facelift.do. Emmy award winning make-up artist Art Harding 'as also come up his miracle wonder product and swears by it..... http://www.instantfacelifts.com/ .....

Honestly mon amis 'ere at fat mu we urge you not to get so obsessed with the lines, the wrinkles .....it is your choice people but we advise a balanced life of less stress, good food, healthy living and a lovely glass of red wine, plain old joie-de-vivre - life is too short as it is....stop sweating zee small stuff and age gracefully......a la Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, our lovely Catherine Deneuve, Biana Jagger, Susan Sarandon! Fat mu loo-ve theeze women - and honestly maybe they 'ave 'ad a leetle work done....it seems to be all about moderation my darlings.....

So live life, enjoy, be 'appy.....and age.....

Mulain x

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  1. hey - great post and great blog! Vivek