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Thursday, April 30, 2009

J'Adore Tudor!

Election queues are 'uge and long....tres bien people - great to see.....piggy 'flu is rife, a pandemic fast approaching....but we shall be brave and carry on like courgeous little soldiers....life goes on....the MUs are working 'ard - mu-ving and shooting, mu-ving and shooting.. and in theeze 'ot weather....mon dieu!

The MU's have also been catching up with friends from around the world - one being the lovely Steven Waddington....who is a favourite of ours....we just loo-ve 'im...what a funny boy! The MU's worked with this hunk of gingerness 4 years ago for a 'uge Hallmark TV mini-series in Rajasthan.....now he is co-starring with the very Sex-ee Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in 'The Tudors' which 'as proved a big hit overseas...people just love men in tights and all that 16th century frolicking...oh la la - Mulain is blushing.......Seems that the West is going Wild for Tudors maintenant....New York, Dolce & Gabbana, 'The Other Boleyn Girl'.


Mulain loves the style of the period but is chuckling to 'imself, observing the other ginger hunk Henri zee VIIIth, with all 'is wives, is not so dis-similar to some of zee men we know - are zee dark ages still with us?

Off for fish curry...Mulain x


  1. aha - so Mulain is un homme? I'm crushed...

  2. I love Mulain!